The Nboomi Experience

NboomiI am glad I could finally get back to blogging after a long period of hibernation. Almost an year back, me and three of my friends founded Triomatrix Webservices Private Limited, an ambitious company aimed at creating web-based services to innovatively automate businesses in India. Fanatically caught in the clutches of this marathon venture I almost forgot about everything else in life except for the ravishing beauty of our first product – is an innovative real-estate portal from Triomatrix that literally translates the dreams of home-shoppers around the globe into a living reality. At its core, Nboomi creates a virtual world that allows home-shoppers to walk inside and experience their future home in all its splendor with just a computer and an internet connection. Being a virtual world, walking around the home is just the tip of the iceberg. Beyond that, you can paint walls, tile floors, texture doors and windows, create and organize furniture and much more, all inside your favorite web browser. You are limited only by your imagination.

Very recently, we took a beta of Nboomi into the wild to field test it and I can distinctly see the attention it is attracting. At present we have successfully completed the technical component and are handing it over to the business team to take care of the sales and marketing activities. I am confident that with the right nurture and a bit of luck, Nboomi can take the real-estate field by storm.