Android: My HTC Desire

I bought an HTC Desire few months back and I am loving it. It is powerful, has froyo, Wifi Hotspot, Voice to Text, a powerful Swype Keyboard (I bought it), AMOLED display, excellent applications and looks pretty cool too. I even bought an expensive Piel Frama case for it.

Got a few gripes though. It’s battery doesn’t last a whole day with 3G or WiFi switched on. So, initially I had to manually switch back and forth a couple of times to get through the day. After I bought another USB charger, exclusively for office, that problem is kind of solved.

Another issue is its internal storage. It just has 512 MB of internal storage and I frequently keep receiving the “Low space” notification and froyo’s official APP2SD is not of much help. After I rooted my phone and installed the unofficial APP2SD, that problem is also kind of solved. Further research revealed that with some more geeky stuff I can make Android think of my SD card as internal memory. Haven’t tried that yet though… Will keep my blog updated when I succeed.

I have another minor issue too. I use todoist regularly to manage my tasks and I couldn’t find any one good todoist android app. There are quite a few unofficial and buggy apps but they are just not usable to say the least. I guess this is a problem I can solve myself. I am thinking of writing my own todoist client for android. Let’s see how this works out… Again, will keep my blog updated on the happenings…