jCarouselLite version 1.1 released !

It has been quite a while since I worked?on updating the jCarouselLite project. Meanwhile, the community has shown its?love by actively contributing features and defect fixes.?It is always a pleasant experience to see such active participation by the community,?but there is also?a challenge.

Many of the mods were?spread around different websites, GitHub forks, Stack Overflow answers and comments. Consequently,?it was not easy for a new user to start using it. So, I thought I should give some order to this by collecting them all back into the original project and that is exactly what I have done here… and much more…

Heads up! The plugin still weighs only 2 KB.

Given below is a list of items?that has?changed, leading to the release of version 1.1. Visit the?project page and change log for more details.

  • Added a Github project. Feel free to raise any new defects or feature requests here
  • Updated to support jquery 1.11.x version
  • Fixed a few defects
    • We were skipping items in a particular rare combination of circular:true mode and scroll/visible/start options.?Fixed
    • We were jumping to the top of the page when the navigation buttons are disabled in circular:false mode.?Fixed
    • We were unintentionally styling grand-children of the main UL and LI. Now it will style only the top level UL and LI.?Fixed
    • In circular:false mode, in a particular combination of total/visible/scroll options, we were unable to navigate to the last few items.?Fixed
    • In auto-scroll mode, the Interval was not getting reset when next/prev navigation button was clicked.?Fixed
    • In circular:false mode, with start:0, the prev button was not getting disabled.?Fixed
    • Fixed?an issue with some minification libraries
  • Changes to the project site
    • Introduced?a Styling page to help you understand?the default styling and ways in which you can?apply custom styling to your carousel
    • Revamped the Demo page to make it cleaner and more beautiful.?It is easier to view-source now than it was before
    • Updated the styling in Demo page to reflect the custom styling in Styling page
  • Added default options globally. This way you?can set the default options using $.fn.jCarouselLite.options?once instead of passing them for every carousel you?create
  • Removed the separate width() and height() functions and replaced with jQuery.outerWidth(boolean)

At present, I am working on a few?new features to the plugin and a few more additions to the project site. It?will make this plugin even more useful and flexible. You can expect a 1.2 release for these enhancements?in the next couple of weeks. Thanks again everyone for showing extraordinary interest in this simple and light weight carousel.

Ganeshji Marwaha

I spend my days as the Director of Technology for Mobility practice and help my clients design enterprise and consumer mobile strategies. Mobile Payments, Digital Wallet and Tokenization technologies are my areas of specialization

  • galih

    Hello Ganeshji
    I use jCarouselLite version 1.0.1 in my blog but the last few weeks, i have an error. jCarouselLite can not show the picture, link is fine. How do i fix it ?, i try update jquery and jCarouselLite but its still not working. Thank you.

  • Hi galih,
    Can you give some more info? Can you point me to your blog page where it is not working?

  • nickdanny

    thanks for the post ganeshji.
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  • siva

    Hello, do you have a responsible version of this plugin?

  • siva

    I mean responsive!