jCarouselLite - Known Issues

Raise an Issue

If none of the suggestions below solves your problem, kindly raise a defect in GitHub or leave a comment on this blog post. I will try to get to it as soon as I can.

  • IE 6.0 renders the carousel div's width more than required when in vertical mode. To work around it, just specify a width for the carousel div in css.
  • If displaying images in your carousel, set the "width" and the "height" attributes for every image. This is required only if you construct the carousel on document.ready event. If you are using window.load, these attributes are not required. The idea is that, on document.ready, the browser wouldn't have downloaded the images and won't know its dimenstions unless you specify it, whereas on window.load browser would have already downloaded all the images, and thus knows its height and width.
  • If in your css you hide the carousel by setting "display" to "none", then the carousel will not have access to the appropriate dimensions and will result in faulty construction. To work-around this, try hiding the carousel using javascript after the carousel is constructed. That should solve the problem.
    $(".carousel .jCarouselLite").jCarouselLite({
        btnPrev: ".carousel  .prev",
        btnNext: ".carousel  .next"
  • Sometimes when you use a lot of images, then the carousel may appear to flicker while constructing itself. To work-around this, just add these style rules to the carousel's div using your own css file. That should solve your problem.
    .carousel {
        position: relative;
        visibility: hidden;
        left: -5000px;
  • If you have some other issues that haven't been addressed here, raise a defect in GitHub